Giving up smoking cigarettes is highly challenging, and it is often best to use one of the many cessation aids available to help make the process more manageable. One of the most popular aids that millions of people worldwide use daily is a vaping device, which can be an excellent tool to help you quit smoking. Something that attracts people to this cessation aid is how you can customise and enhance your vaping experience and the number of tasty flavours of e-liquids available. If you are interested in trying vaping to help you quit smoking and wish to know how to customise your vaping experience, below are some tips to help you get started.

Why Sub-Ohm Vaping?

Many people do not start off using a sub-ohm vaping device, and they will often start using a basic starter kit when first trying vaping. You can get the starter kits for less than £20, so they are a cost-effective way of quitting smoking and helping you control your addiction to nicotine. Many people will progress to using more advanced vaping devices that give them more control over their vaping experience, and a sub-ohm vape is a popular choice allowing them to blow massive plumes of vape smoke.

Change Your Coils Regularly

The coil in your sub-ohm vaping device will only last for so long, and how long it will last will depend on how much you use it. The more you vape, the sooner your coils will need replacing, and you will notice the taste of your e-liquid start to change when it is getting close to time to change the vaping coil. Ensure that you use the correct sub-ohm coils in your vaping device and also have plenty of spares available, so you do not run out and are stuck with a horrible tasting vape.

Store Your Vape Juice Correctly

You will also need to ensure that you store your e-liquids correctly when not using them to help preserve their taste and make them enjoyable. Even the best e-juice can go off, and they have three enemies, which are:

  • Ultra Violet Light
  • Heat
  • Oxygen

You will want to store your e-liquid somewhere that is cool and dark, and if you are not using an opened bottle, ensure it is closed correctly. Taking care of the vape juice you use will help prolong its lifespan and ensure it tastes delicious when you come to use it.

Use Different Flavours

You will also want to use several different vape juice flavours as you can often get used to them over time when used repeatedly, and your tastebuds almost go blind to their taste. Having a few different e-liquids that you enjoy the taste of and rotating them helps keep the flavour fresh and make it more enjoyable for you. It can help enhance your vaping experience and ensure it is a pleasant experience, so you do not go back to smoking cigarettes again.

Now that you have learned a few ways to enhance the vaping experience, you can now enjoy blowing massive plumes of delicious vape juice and not worry about smoking cigarettes again.

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