Maternity acupressure … So what is it? Very simply, it is a series of natural techniques used to induce the work of comfort of your own home. This translates into shorter work during the delivery process, because when you arrive at the hospital, your Cervix has already started dilating. When applied correctly, this proven and proven process has been demonstrated to stimulate the natural contractions associated with childbirth. Midwives and professional Doulas use acupressure to encourage a workforce for years and years, both to gently start the delivery process and to mitigate pressure, pain and associated discomfort to work success.

If you can gently press with your thumb, you can perform a pregnancy acupression. It does not require any previous experience: these very practical methods can be done by you or your partner with only a minimum instruction. It’s very simple for even the most basic novice to locate acupressure points, and once shown where they are stimulating to induce the early stages of work. The stimulation of these specific points in a woman’s body has been proven to provoke a workforce in more than 80% of women in just a few hours. The delivery time at the hospital is considerably reduced because you have already started the natural workforce in the comfort of your own home. The beginning of these contractions will continue to dilate your cervix and the techniques you learn can be used throughout the delivery process to help a mother have problems that could have pushed her baby through the birth channel .

The maternity acupressure guide is an amazing system that teaches you to have a safe, fast and easy delivery. Thousands of women who have already used this plan have had fantastic experiences both inside and outside the delivery room. You can read about their experiences and browse their brilliant testimonials: Once these techniques are at your fingertips, you will be surprised how easy it is to learn:

* How to prevent nausea and vomiting during the work process.
* Methods of calming anxiety and nervousness during the delivery process – Whether you are a first mother or have already had children.
* Techniques that allow you to use a maternity acupressing to turn a posterior baby.
* How to soothe and reduce your pain and symptoms of work with some pressure points.
* Increased dilation of the uterine collar, leading to a much easier delivery of your child.
* Techniques to strengthen your contractions, providing for abbreviated work and a faster delivery process.

In addition, you will learn fantastic facts about the best delivery positions. These go hand in hand with the maternity acupressure guide and can have great advantages, such as the reduction of childbirth pain, shorten the workforce and reduce the chance of an episiotomy or Medical intervention. These positions will also promote a better oxygen offer for your baby and reduce fetal distress during birth itself.

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