Why is nutrition important? The answer is that all living beings need nutrition to survive. You need adequate nutrition to stay healthy.

If you answer this question why is nutrition important by the way people eat today, you would think it’s not very important. Have you ever noticed that people ate in different restaurants, some people think it’s their last meal as they attack the food. Maybe they think that if I eat a lot of food, I will have all the nutrition whose body needs. Yeah, of course.

Have you noticed what types of foods their consumption? My wife and I went to a buffet style restaurant the other day and I noticed that the food section that remained a lot of food was the section of vegetables and salads; The fried and beef chicken section was constantly short of food. As they eat everything that feed me, they do not think why is nutrition important for me?

Perhaps by defining the nutrition we can discover why is nutrition important for everyone. In the dictionary, it defines nutrition as “the act or infant process or to be fed.” Are we feeding our body by aligning it? In the encyclopedia, it indicates “for good nutrition, a person should eat a well-balanced diet, that is, a sufficient amount of each of the nutrient classes every day, at the same time an adequate number but not excessive calories for the energy needs of the body. “

Would not it be great if every time we eat something, there would be a certain type of voice or indicator indicating the benefits or warnings of what we come from eating or drinking. For example, “Johnny, you have just eaten fried chicken, from this chicken that you get protein, but you get a lot of fat that your body does not need! If it were, maybe the people would think twice what they eat.

In addition to food consumption, do we have enough nutrition of the good foods we eat? The answer is not because the nutrients in our soil have been exhausted. The food we consumed 50 years ago are not the same foods we eat today. So what do we do to get the good nutrition that our body needs? The only way I know of getting the appropriate nutrition that our body needs nutrition supplementation. To be healthy or staying healthy, it is essential to take a nutrition supplementation.

Have you ever been to a health food store for supplements? Do you feel beyond all choices? And you do not have an index that take! Would not it be great to have everything that became for you? Better still, HAV

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