Surprisingly it’s easy to do maternity acupressure. While the workforce itself can be an intimidated thinking, and men and women by shrinking from the idea, the use of maternity acupressure during labor can help:

Encourage labor
Strengthen contractions
Control and manage pain
Move the baby in the womb to giving birth
Guide children in the transition from the uterus to the world
Even though there are midwives and experienced professionals who have been practicing in this area, almost everyone can do it. This means that if a pregnant woman will be more comfortable with her life partner during childbirth, she can get help from her. The first thing to do to prepare is research. These areas are very strong, so the pressure points used to do maternity acupressure must be studied and practiced in others, never in pregnant women.

The first point used to do maternity acupressure is the point found on the skin between the thumb and index finger. This point is useful in inducing labor and control pain. It must be rubbed to induce labor and can be reduced to help control pain later, during contractions.

Another useful point used to do maternity acupressure is the point above the ankle. This point is located on the inside of the ankle, about four wide width above the ankle bone. The width of this finger must be measured by the fingers of the mother, not from the delivery pair. This point must be rubbed in a circular pattern for about a minute.

The last pressure point used to do maternity acupressure on the body is the point right above the dimple lesung located on the back of a woman. Delivery partners can find this point by traveling the width of the pregnant woman’s finger on dimples. There must be a little curve where the pressure point.

To make successful acupressure, there must be communication between partners and pregnant women. These pressure points will not feel the same in delivery as they do when they are found in the pregnant mother’s body.

These points can change between workers, with pressure applied at the individual pressure point for about five minutes at a time, for no more than 30 minutes at one point at a time. Pregnant women had to make sure he was in the most convenient position available for him at the time, but the third most effective position if he knelt, with the best position for the first two positions into a sitting position.

These pressure points have been used to carry out maternity acupressures to induce labor and help control pain by women, namely:

Have their first child
Have twins or some children at once
Trying to deliver the vaginal baby, after a Caesar.
It has been successfully tried by women who entered these categories for years, with healthy and happy babies to show their pain and effort. With the right partners to help pregnant women do maternity acupressure, the process of inducing labor and giving birth can run more smoothly and comfortably for everyone, including babies.

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