What are the components of good life?

o Priority should be: good health, peace of mind, love and money.

o It is obvious that life has a greater spiritual dimension if you agree with the priorities above.

o Good life is impossible without good health.

There are fake popular ideas about good health:

o Your body has more healing power than you know. It can often be resolved. Otherwise, you are a dead person already given to all the diseases.

o Good health Never needs expensive or stressful maintenance, unless you have already contracted or inherited a serious illness.

o Good health does not mean having the best doctors and the best cure, although it is a good luxury.

What should your approach be?

o Take a holistic approach, because most things are connected.

o Be responsible for your actions, but avoid being too hard on yourself.

o Practice a moderate lifestyle and avoid extremes.

o It is not fun to follow expensive or complex rules for health maintenance. The stress imposed on you will overtake the advantages. Just stay natural and use your common sense.

o Try to simplify your life as much as possible.

o Do not live in the fear of terrible diseases. When it’s your time to discover, even the best doctors can not avoid you. So relax.

o Life concerns happiness, not how much time or how much money you do.

o Keep your health so that you do not have to depend on others to take care of you.

How do you measure good health?

o Health is a natural process unless you do it otherwise.

o Your life cycle reaches its peak at 40 years and gradually decreases thereafter, depending on how you maintain it.

o Health has its small and low daily, weekly and monthly. These are temporary fluctuations that do not reflect your global health situation.

o Good health does not mean the absence of pain or other nuisances because they are only part of life.

o Good health means that useful times are much more than lower times.

o This means easy recovery from temporary time.

o This means that you can make constant improvements, durable stability, or even managing slow degeneration.

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