The very thought of the word “beauty” strong sensations and hard imagination. Beauty is an inner feeling on the outside world. It is the perception of the invisible mind on anything visible to us. Nature manifests the beauty in many ways and dimensions. Flowers and fruits, rainbow, sunset and snow-capped mountains are some examples. Children are beautiful because of innocence. It is strange to see some people taking all the measures to embellish their me and stay slim, but do not guide their children in the same direction. As a result, children become form and looks older than their parents. The majority of people give importance to the imperative superficiality that the strength of the spirits without defect.

Beauty is a relative concept and depends on the viewer: what is the beauty of a person makes no impact on another. The admiration of beauty is allowed, but not the possession of it unless the property is available for the property. Visitors are notified not to touch the exhibitions in a palace or pick the flowers in a garden. Humans want beauty since the day of civilization. All resources from the roots of animal milk plants have been exploited to maintain the intact beauty. In modern times, expensive cosmetic techniques such as plastic surgery, liposuction, transplantation, etc. In place, in addition to the use of chemical preparations such as creams, gels, shampoos and lotions. Artists and actors need makeup for their livelihoods.

Beauty consists of natural and artificial types. All that seems attractive in its original form is a natural beauty. Animals and birds look big without clothes or jewelry. Clothes and cosmetics, even make a helpful person looks intelligent. A Tamil Proverb ‘clothes will make the full man confirms that. However, to impress others, some wear expensive dresses, while some bare organs. Driving and character reveal the beauty of the human spirit. Many are well dressed, but they lack behavior. There are personalities such as Mahatma Gandhi who weaved simply but displayed beauty through wisdom and sacrifice. It is a quantity that beauty and talent can not be found together in a person.

Body embellishment with natural materials is better than synthetic use. The latter is not only expensive but produces harmful side effects. For example, the regular use of hair coloring causes allergies such as sinusitis, color loss and normal hair texture in addition to performing the risks of various cancers. In addition, the costs of medical care and personal suffering to reconstruct the normal health are preventable. The extra time spent to decorate are sometimes put an end to the disappearance of the trip or the appointment. Why should we invite trouble by spending our efforts and your money imprudently?

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