When you lose a loved one through death, it is normal to feel sad, angry, depressed, confused, worried, and hopeless. Everyone reacts to grief in their way, and if you are finding it hard to cope, there are some ways to find the much-needed support.

Death is tough to deal with, especially when the deceased was a loved one or very close to you. Whether it is a soulmate, a family member, a friend, colleague, or a pet, you are likely to experience mixed emotions that you do not understand.

You need to know that grief is usually the emotional response to this loss and is a long process rather than an event. It can impact how you feel mentally, socially, and even physically. Therefore you need more time to come to terms with the loss and heal.

Is there a right way to grieve?

According to grief counselors, there is no right or wrong way to grieve. It is normal to feel sad, confused, angry, worried, guilty, or even relieved. Other people will be completely numb and not feel anything. Moreover, culture and how your family understands loss may impact how you cope with death or grieve. Some people experience grief for a prolonged period, while others experience it for a short while.

The feelings of sadness may also come back during some occasions, for instance, when you experience your birthday, Christmas, or anniversary without that person. Such feelings can also catch you unaware, leading to worry, sadness and hopelessness. You might also feel abandoned or guilty, but it is good to know that you are not alone and your feelings are valid.

How to work through your grief

Many people will tell you that grieving takes time, and it is best not to do it alone. Most people move through the grieving process with the help of family and friends. It is best to seek professional grief counseling NJ at times, especially when your feelings are getting out of hand. An experienced grief counselor can help you understand the loss of your loved one, accept their death and come to terms with your feelings.

Talking to someone helps when dealing with daily life is challenging due to grief. For instance, tell a trusted friend, family member, or counselor about your feelings. It is normal to feel guilty about someone’s death but remember that the loss you experience is not your fault. Also, if you stop feeling sad or in pain doesn’t mean that you don’t care enough. You are allowed to move on after the death of a loved one, and it is not a sign that you don’t care enough or you didn’t love them enough.

Key takeaways

  • Keep a diary of how you feel.
  • Write a poem or some words about the person you lost.
  • Write the deceased a letter telling them all the things you have wanted to say to them.
  • Express yourself through words, painting, and pictures.
  • Indulge in a hobby.
  • Create a memory box with good things that remind you of the person you have lost.
  • Talk to a family member, friend, or grief counselor.

Let’s start with the most important question: Apart from CBD, what else may CBD oils contain?

More than 100 cannabinoids are found in the cannabis plant. CBD oil may include CBD as well as other cannabinoids or cannabis plant chemicals, depending on the type of CBD oil purchased. These may include the following:


THC is the molecule that most people connect with cannabis’s psychological effects, or high. Although some CBD oils may contain up to 0.3 percent THC, this little amount is unlikely to have any effect on an individual. Many CBD products are now available that contain no trace of THC.


In the Cannabis sativa plant, CBC is one of the most frequent cannabinoids. It does not make you feel euphoric as CBD does.


Are fragrant oils that give the Cannabis sativa plant its distinct scent and flavour. These chemicals are plentiful in cannabis, but they can also be found in a variety of other plants, like fruits and herbs.


CBG is another popular cannabinoid found in the Cannabis sativa plant. CBG is the precursor to all cannabinoids, which are then synthesised into various forms of cannabinoids.


CBN is a cannabinoid that is comparable to CBD. CBN, on the other hand, is formed in the plant as a result of an oxidation process in which THC is converted to CBN by exposure to heat and light. CBN, like CBD, is unlikely to cause a person to become “high.”

The benefits and drawbacks of CBD oils that aren’t high in THC

Before acquiring 5% Zero THC CBD Oil, one should think about the benefits and drawbacks.

THC-free CBD oils provide a number of advantages, including:

THC, the ingredient in cannabis that causes euphoria or a high, is absent. Despite the fact that THC levels in CBD are typically 0.3 percent or less, some users claim to feel high. Such responses should be avoided using THC-free goods.

CBD isolates are less likely to contain traces of THC, which might show up on a drug test.

Because THC-free CBD products do not include any additional active chemicals, a person may assess whether CBD alone is acceptable for their requirements while using them.

However, there are a few drawbacks to these products:

THC and CBD are simply two of the numerous components contained in cannabis, thus there is no entourage effect. The phrase “entourage effect” refers to the way interactions between these substances boost CBD’s health advantages. 5% Zero THC CBD Oil are created from CBD isolates, which means they don’t have any of the other chemicals’ potential advantages.

CBD proponents say that it can treat a variety of ailments, but there is no scientific proof to back up these claims.

Because THC-free CBD does not contain THC, it is less likely to appear on drug tests. THC is the euphoric ingredient in CBD that comes up on most drug screening.

Furthermore, THC-free CBD products often contain less CBD per dosage than those containing wide or full-spectrum CBD. People who are just beginning to use CBD products may benefit from a lower dose since they can start with lesser doses of CBD and increase as needed. A person should, however, consult a healthcare expert before using any CBD products. A doctor can tell you whether the product is likely to interfere with any medications you’re taking and warn you about any hazards.

Hormonal balance is necessary for physical, mental and emotional well-being. It influences how you feel, your weight and how you eat. Naturally, the body should produce the required amount for proper body functioning.

On the other hand, modern lifestyles influence hormonal imbalance, and it is necessary to improve the situation. A healthy lifestyle and nutritious diet will help with your hormones problems. Still, you can get bioidentical hormone support supplements to correct the situation. Let us look at other ways you can naturally improve your hormonal health.

Natural Ways to Balance Your Hormones

It is essential to change every aspect of your life to achieve overall well-being. You need to consume organic products to limit the intake of harmful chemicals to your body. So, it is advisable to seek a natural remedy for your hormonal imbalance. Here are ways you can improve the situation;

Include Proteins in your Meals

Peptide hormones come from proteins in the body. The process entails converting amino acids to hormones, and it helps with metabolism, growth and reproduction. In addition, it is necessary for brain energy, appetite and stress reduction. Nutritionists recommend including proteins in all of your meals. Still, it is vital to take enough of it.

Physical Activities

You can improve your hormonal health by exercising. It will make the hormones receptors more sensitive, thus enhancing the flow of hormones and nutrients. On the other hand, men can increase their testosterone hormones by being physically active. Therefore, it is necessary to exercise. You do not need to do vigorous activities. Your well-being improves when you regularly take long walks or jog.

Check Your Body Weight

Maintaining the right body weight can help with many medical problems. Being overweight creates hormonal imbalance and can lead to diabetes or other cardiovascular complications. In addition, it influences hormones secretion from reproductive organs in both men and women. However, the problem is usually with the former gender. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain an ideal weight to improve your hormonal health and general well-being.

Limit Sugar Consumption

You will find different soft drinks in modern society that lead to colossal sugar intake. The products can lead to the development of diabetes or obesity. Apart from that, it contributes to the decline in your hormonal health. It is best to avoid soft drinks to improve your well-being. You can opt for fruits to provide natural sugars and supplement you with essential vitamins for proper body functioning.

Know how to Handle Stress

Your hormones suffer when you experience stress. The body will produce cortison when you are stressed, but it will return to normal when the feeling resides. However, the condition can remain permanent if you have a chronic problem. Apart from that, it can lead to excessive eating, which is also unhealthy and will affect your hormone balance.

It would help knowing how to handle your stress to prevent hormones malfunction. You can engage in something you like doing or seek support from family or friends. It will go a long way to improving your hormonal health.

Giving up smoking cigarettes is highly challenging, and it is often best to use one of the many cessation aids available to help make the process more manageable. One of the most popular aids that millions of people worldwide use daily is a vaping device, which can be an excellent tool to help you quit smoking. Something that attracts people to this cessation aid is how you can customise and enhance your vaping experience and the number of tasty flavours of e-liquids available. If you are interested in trying vaping to help you quit smoking and wish to know how to customise your vaping experience, below are some tips to help you get started.

Why Sub-Ohm Vaping?

Many people do not start off using a sub-ohm vaping device, and they will often start using a basic starter kit when first trying vaping. You can get the starter kits for less than £20, so they are a cost-effective way of quitting smoking and helping you control your addiction to nicotine. Many people will progress to using more advanced vaping devices that give them more control over their vaping experience, and a sub-ohm vape is a popular choice allowing them to blow massive plumes of vape smoke.

Change Your Coils Regularly

The coil in your sub-ohm vaping device will only last for so long, and how long it will last will depend on how much you use it. The more you vape, the sooner your coils will need replacing, and you will notice the taste of your e-liquid start to change when it is getting close to time to change the vaping coil. Ensure that you use the correct sub-ohm coils in your vaping device and also have plenty of spares available, so you do not run out and are stuck with a horrible tasting vape.

Store Your Vape Juice Correctly

You will also need to ensure that you store your e-liquids correctly when not using them to help preserve their taste and make them enjoyable. Even the best e-juice can go off, and they have three enemies, which are:

  • Ultra Violet Light
  • Heat
  • Oxygen

You will want to store your e-liquid somewhere that is cool and dark, and if you are not using an opened bottle, ensure it is closed correctly. Taking care of the vape juice you use will help prolong its lifespan and ensure it tastes delicious when you come to use it.

Use Different Flavours

You will also want to use several different vape juice flavours as you can often get used to them over time when used repeatedly, and your tastebuds almost go blind to their taste. Having a few different e-liquids that you enjoy the taste of and rotating them helps keep the flavour fresh and make it more enjoyable for you. It can help enhance your vaping experience and ensure it is a pleasant experience, so you do not go back to smoking cigarettes again.

Now that you have learned a few ways to enhance the vaping experience, you can now enjoy blowing massive plumes of delicious vape juice and not worry about smoking cigarettes again.

Bruxism can be loosely defined as the habit of clenching or grinding your teeth. It usually involves clenching, especially at night when you’re sleeping, but it can also involve jaw thrusting and other unusual habits that put pressure on your teeth. We explain more about it on this page:

People brux for different reasons. Some are able to stop once they are aware of it, while others have a harder time controlling this bad habit. Symptoms include discomfort in your jaws, headache, earaches, tender gums, worn tooth enamel, or even broken teeth.

You may also notice that you clench or grind more intensely when you’re stressed out about something. There are a myriad of ways in which bruxism may affect your life.

●      Bruxism can Cause you to Lose Sleep

It may keep you up at night due to the discomfort experienced after teeth clenching/grinding. The bruxing action of your jaw muscles placing pressure on your teeth while sleeping is likely to disturb your normal sleep pattern both in terms of duration and quality. You may also experience difficulty falling asleep or waking up tired even if you have had adequate amounts of sleep time.

●      Sleep Deprivation Affects your Overall Health

Chronic lack of sleep has been associated with reduced energy levels, mood swings, impaired memory, reduced cognitive function, and an increased risk of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease. So perhaps that’s reason enough to work toward stopping bruxism.

●      Bruxism can Interfere with your Personal as well as Professional Life

Teeth grinding and clenching can cause severe jaw, neck, and facial pain, which is very uncomfortable. It may also lead to broken teeth and expensive dental bills. And because you’re not resting at night due to bruxism, it can affect your concentration levels during the day – whether it’s a meeting with a client or a class lecture – making you appear unfocused around others. This might impact your working relationships or performance appraisal rating at work.

However, there are effective treatments for bruxism in Singapore, mainly via fixing malocclusions (misalignment of teeth) and by providing oral appliance therapy that allows you to stop the bruxing action. Therefore, do not ignore this problem as it can impact your physical and psychological well-being.

Is bruxism Damage Reversible?

If you immediately stopped the clenching/grinding habit, any tooth damage due to excessive teeth pressure would be reversible. However, if you continue with this habit over a long period of time, leading to chronic teeth misalignment (malocclusion), then there is little or no chance for them to return back to their normal positions even after treatment has resolved the clenching/grinding issue.

Once your molars are shifted backward, they may never move forward again. So try your best to break this bad oral habit before irreversible damage occurs.

There are many different types of bruxism in Singapore, some with more severe consequences than others. Symptoms range from tooth clenching and tooth grinding to the unusual habit of tongue thrusting, cheek biting, and lip chewing.

If you’ve been diagnosed with bruxism, the next step is to find out how severe your symptoms are and whether or not they’re affecting other areas of your life, such as your family, work, and social activities.

Here’s a list of questions that may help you understand the effects bruxism has on you:

  • How often do I clench or grind my teeth?
  • Do I feel pain in one or more teeth? If so, when was this first noted? How frequent and intense is it? What is the location of the pain – front, back, upper, lower teeth? Does this happen when I’m asleep at night – grinding/clenching my teeth? Do any jaw muscles hurt?
  • How many hours a day do I clench/grind my teeth during the waking hours? Do I do it while awake but not talking or about to speak, while eating, or at any other time? Am I aware of clenching/grinding my teeth after I wake up in the morning and before going to bed at night?
  • When I clench/grind my teeth, is there any movement of the facial muscles (other than those used for chewing)? For example, are there muscle spasms around or behind the eyes? Do these occur only when I’m awake or also when asleep? Are they worse when under stress or strain – physical activities such as sports, mental stress like exams, etc.
  • Do I clench/grind my teeth only when under stress, or am I always clenching/grinding them?
  • Do I frequently swallow while eating and talking? Do I ever choke on food because of this action? Does food get caught in the back of my throat on a regular basis?
  • Does your jaw lock up on you at random times during the day? Can you open your mouth fully without pain or restriction of movement? How does it feel if someone tries to open your mouth wider than is comfortable for you?
  • Can you voluntarily move your jaw muscles independent of other muscle groups, i.e., can you protrude your lower jaw forward while keeping your head stationary with respect to the neck muscles, or cause any other abnormal movement of your jaw muscles with respect to the skull?

What Happens if Bruxism is Left Untreated?

There are several treatment options for bruxism in Singapore depending on the severity, so; there is practically no reason to leave it untreated. Severe cases of bruxism can lead to major dental problems, such as fractured teeth, damaged fillings, worn tooth enamel, gum damage, and receding gums.

It is important to note that bruxism is NOT just a sleep disorder. The main source of the problem, which actually begins in childhood, lies in hormonal imbalances or deficiencies or an incorrect bite resulting from malocclusion (misalignment of teeth).

If left untreated, bruxism can lead to more serious health problems down the road, such as TMJ problems, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Headaches / Migraines, Insomnia. This condition has also been associated with drug abuse, especially cocaine use.

The best way to treat this troubling habit is through orthodontics – fixing malocclusions by relaxing overly tight muscles, and opening up blocked air passages. As the jaw gradually returns to its normal position, gums and bones will return to their natural state as well.

Final Thoughts

Bruxism can be managed so that you can get back to living a comfortable and healthy life. Seek help from your dentist and/or doctor if you think you have this condition so that it doesn’t escalate into anything worse.

At TES Clinic, our team of experts is constantly seeking innovative techniques to upgrade the quality of dental services that we provide. Being one of the top clinics in Singapore, we have had a lot of experience treating patients who suffer from bruxism and other dental problems. If you are struggling with the same problem, contact us now to set up an appointment. Call: +65 6737 0552.

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How do you know you have damaged hair? The hair becomes dry and brittle, and when you brush your fingers through it, they almost surely get stuck because your hair can easily get tangled. You might also notice that your hair is prone to breakage, has split ends, and has lost its colour.

Hair damage can be caused by several factors, including using hair products with harmful chemicals such as sulfates and parabens or doing excessive heat styling. Another and probably the most common cause of hair damage is STRESS! There is no doubt that taking too much stress can lead to hair loss, but it does far more than that. An excessive amount of stress can lead to hair loss and lead to severe dandruff. It can cause telogen effluvium, which causes your hair follicles to go dormant, causing hair in the middle of a hair cycle to fall out.

Sounds scary, right? But don’t worry, here are 5 steps you can take to avoid or repair hair damage:

  • Switch To A Better Shampoo

Our everyday shampoos are effective at cleaning our hair, but most of them contain harmful chemicals that can damage our hair in the long run. For this reason, it is recommended to use hair care products that are dedicated to the type of hair you have. In this case, you should use a repair remedy shampoo that doesn’t contain harmful substances and provides the nourishment your hair needs to heal and rejuvenate.

  • Minimise Heat Styling

Heat styling tools like blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons can all wreak havoc on your hair if used regularly as repeated exposure to high temperatures can cause serious hair damage. These tools affect different hair types differently and you won’t notice any immediate damage but eventually, you will. If possible, don’t overuse heat styling tools. All things are good in moderation. Try letting your hair air dry naturally as much as you can.

  • Say No To Chemical Treatments

Chemical treatments, such as bleach, can cause a lot of problems. Despite the damage they can cause to your hair, your hairdresser will probably never tell you about it. Chemical treatments can dry and break your hair. When it comes to hair colours, in order to set permanently, hair colour must penetrate your hair cuticles, which serve as natural shields. After the ammonia in hair dye climbs your natural barrier, the chemicals in hair dye remove your natural hair colour so that a new colour can be applied to your hair. The more you do this the more damage your hair will suffer.

  • Have As Much ‘ME’ Time You Can

One of the major causes of hair damage is excessive stress, as we mentioned before. You can take medication for this, but the best way to get rid of it is to relax and take time off from work. Make meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises part of your daily routine. You’ll notice that your damaged hair will also improve if you make this a habit. Get your stress out of your system by doing something that makes you feel good. Seek professional help if necessary.

  • Adding Leave-In Cream To Your Hair Care Routine

Apart from hair damage shampoo, you should also consider adding a repair remedy leave-in cream to your hair care routine. You can replenish your damaged hair with leave-in creams that leave your hair looking healthy and supple. Make sure that the product is made with natural ingredients rather than harmful chemicals.

People tend to ignore the signs of damaged hair or think that it isn’t a big deal but it is. If you think your hair is damaged do not neglect it, do something about it. There are varieties of great repair remedy products available today that can help you or you can just follow the above 5 tips and see wonders happen to your damaged hair.

We have been living under the misconception that rehab clinics are only for addiction treatments for too long.

Yes, you should go to a rehab clinic when you need addiction treatment. But did you also know that you can go to a rehab clinic for a variety of other reasons? Rehab clinics in the UK have the potential to be used for a variety of other health problems. We simply aren’t thinking big enough.

Traditional uses of Rehab

Rehab has traditionally been used to cater to the needs of those recovering from addiction. Some examples of conditions that are treated in UK rehab clinics include cocaine addiction, heroin addiction, cannabis addiction, and even prescription drug addiction. However, all of this is set to change as we modernise our approach to treatment plans for other conditions.

What Other Conditions Could You Treat in a Rehab Clinic?

There are countless conditions that could be receiving help and treatment through rehab clinic facilities. Here are some that may be already in action at a rehab clinic near you.

Mental Ill Health

Rehab clinics are ideally suited to treat mental illnesses. Whether that condition be anxiety, depression, OCD, or BPD, doesn’t matter. The clinic itself is outfitted with several types of therapy and therapist. Rehab clinics specialise in talking therapy sessions to combat addiction. Mental illness treatment in the UK needs reform to stop people being lost in the system.

In a typical rehab week, you would receive a treatment session with your specialist psychotherapist. You would then see your group therapy group an average of 3 times per week. On top of this, you have access to a range of tailored holistic therapies, all of which exist to help you stay stress free.

A rehab clinic is the perfect environment in which to recover from a mental illness.

Eating Disorders

Although somewhere on the border between an addiction and a mental illness, eating disorders are an issue. They deserve the time, effort, and dedication towards a resolution that both mental illness and addiction recovery treatment seem to receive. If you have an eating disorder, you are technically suffering from the same symptoms as someone going through addiction.

Since your symptoms are similar, it makes sense to include eating disorder treatment at a rehab clinic near you. Rehab clinics even provide clients with a dietary meal plan, which helps them achieve the nutrition level that will assist their recovery best. Depending on what your goals are for weight gain or weight loss, this will all be overseen by a medical professional – giving you the best chance of making a complete recovery in your own time.

Where to find a rehab clinic?

If you want to go to rehab for any of the conditions mentioned within this article, congratulations first for taking this next step. You can go to your GP for help on the NHS or you can call the team at Help4Addiction to get a free consultation that will help you decide what to do next. Their friendly service could pick you up and deliver you to the best rehab clinic for your condition.

The cannabis market has gained a lot of popularity with the legalization process. It has made it possible for people to access cannabis easily and enjoy all the benefits they wish.

The weed-smoking industry is definitely at the top of its game, with many new procedures coming up every day to ensure that everything about this industry goes well. However, the industry is more than just smoking, and companies worldwide are investing in research to come up with new ways of marketing.

Look at some of the major technological trends to provide cannabis marketing data that people will be using more and more in this sector:

  1. 3D printing

Cannabis This is something that is slowly gaining popularity worldwide. A majority of the people who are making these customized bongs are doing it through 3D printing.

One of the reasons is that it makes the entire process so much easier. Making these customized bongs is an art, but with 3D printing, one doesn’t have to practice for hours to do it. It takes just a few minutes, and you are good to go.

The first thing is that you can get your products in any preferred shape or size because of 3D printing technology. This way, companies will be able to get business from both loyal and new customers.

  1. Video marketing

Cannabis With the legalization of cannabis, it’s no longer a secret, and people can’t hide their weed habits. It is one of the ways to showcase your products and services for this industry. There are many reasons why companies should go for video marketing to get more sales.

This type of marketing is very engaging, especially if you have a good video showing your products and services. This way, you can create interest among people who might want to know more about your company.

Companies should also go for social media videos because most cannabis users are active on social media.

  1. Cannabis marketing

This trend has become prominent all over the world, with more and more companies adapting to it. Cannabis marketing focuses on promoting not only cannabis itself but also places where people can find information about weed, marijuana, or medical weed.

It is the main reason for the increase in awareness and educates people about the product or service and how they can benefit from it. It will help companies to get more customers from both new and loyal customers.

Cannabis marketing has also proved to be beneficial when it comes to promoting new cannabis products. Most people will try something new if they have already seen it used by other people in the past. When you blend cannabis marketing with good packaging, your product will get noticed.

In a nutshell, cannabis marketing is something that companies in the weed-smoking industry should consider. It’s not just about advertising; it’s about creating awareness and understanding what you are offering people through your company. It helps people to understand what your company is about. The marketing will help you to get more people interested in what you are offering.

In the cannabis industry, it is crucial to attracting more people through marketing. Therefore, advertising is an essential part of marketing. It is necessary to know how cannabis works on the brain and the body. In addition, you have to be specific in your target market because not all people inhale weed or even understand what it does to their minds or body.

Hemp oil and CBD are two things that every entrepreneur needs to know about. These products have gained popularity recently, but there is still a lot of misinformation floating around. For example, do you need to use hemp oil for skin? What about Hemp oil vs CBD; which one should you be using?

Hemp Oil vs. Cannabidiol (CBD)

Hemp seed contains protein, fiber, iron, calcium magnesium, zinc, potassium phosphorous, etc., but no traces of THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana.

Both hemp oil and cbd can be derived from both marijuana or industrial hemp, but the processing method and ingredients are drastically different.

Marijuana plants contain high levels of THC and only trace amounts of CBD. In contrast, industrial hemp contains less than 0.03% or almost no traces of THC but is abundant in CBD (cannabidiol).

Hemp oil vs. CBD oil

Both are made from hemp, but they do not contain THC and will never get you high. In addition, hemp seed includes Omega-Fats and essential fatty acids (EFA’s/ Essential Amino Acids) that our body needs to construct cells and hormones and maintain general health.

The hemp seed oil contains at least 30% EFA’s, making it an excellent supplement for healthy skin, hair, and nails and providing a great source of protein.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of many naturally occurring compounds in the cannabis plant and is most highly concentrated in those plants’ flowers or buds. CBD oil comes from extracting CBD from marijuana rather than hemp.

Hemp seed oil does not contain any cannabinoids, whereas CBD can be extracted from hemp or marijuana. Hemp oil is typically used as a food source, whereas CBD oils are most commonly used for relaxing, calming properties.

Hemp seed oil can be applied topically to the skin to relieve muscle tension and reduce signs of aging. At the same time, cbd may help with anxiety relief without making you feel drowsy or impairing your ability to drive.

CBD Oil Uses

Cannabidiol (CBD) may help calm inflammation, reduce blood sugar levels, and aid sleep without inducing drowsiness as it contains no traces of THC, which makes you high. CBD Oil is also used to treat a range of conditions from nausea, anxiety, and chronic pain to Parkinson’s Disease, PTSD, and MS – as well as acne, psoriasis, and more!

In conclusion 

Hemp seed oil is an excellent source of protein, minerals, and fiber but does not contain CBD. In addition, hemp Oil contains Omega-Fats which help with healthy skin, hair, and nails, whereas cbd may treat a range of conditions, including anxiety, chronic pain & acne.

What are the components of good life?

o Priority should be: good health, peace of mind, love and money.

o It is obvious that life has a greater spiritual dimension if you agree with the priorities above.

o Good life is impossible without good health.

There are fake popular ideas about good health:

o Your body has more healing power than you know. It can often be resolved. Otherwise, you are a dead person already given to all the diseases.

o Good health Never needs expensive or stressful maintenance, unless you have already contracted or inherited a serious illness.

o Good health does not mean having the best doctors and the best cure, although it is a good luxury.

What should your approach be?

o Take a holistic approach, because most things are connected.

o Be responsible for your actions, but avoid being too hard on yourself.

o Practice a moderate lifestyle and avoid extremes.

o It is not fun to follow expensive or complex rules for health maintenance. The stress imposed on you will overtake the advantages. Just stay natural and use your common sense.

o Try to simplify your life as much as possible.

o Do not live in the fear of terrible diseases. When it’s your time to discover, even the best doctors can not avoid you. So relax.

o Life concerns happiness, not how much time or how much money you do.

o Keep your health so that you do not have to depend on others to take care of you.

How do you measure good health?

o Health is a natural process unless you do it otherwise.

o Your life cycle reaches its peak at 40 years and gradually decreases thereafter, depending on how you maintain it.

o Health has its small and low daily, weekly and monthly. These are temporary fluctuations that do not reflect your global health situation.

o Good health does not mean the absence of pain or other nuisances because they are only part of life.

o Good health means that useful times are much more than lower times.

o This means easy recovery from temporary time.

o This means that you can make constant improvements, durable stability, or even managing slow degeneration.