The advantage of regular exercise is present in several folds; Exercise makes you healthier, happier and capable of handling your weight.

The moderate regular exercise makes you more fit, so you are stronger, leaner and more durable. If you have already wanted your body to be good, you see abdominals, a regular exercise program is only what you need.

Exercise reduces your risk of heart disease, stroke, arterial hypertension and certain cancers. Exercise often reduces and often prevents the development of diabetes.

Another key advantage of regular exercise, associated with healthy diet, can help you better manage your weight. A strong dose of will is often necessary to change bad habits; But after taking the first step, your weight management is much easier. All you need is a little guidance.

Exercise makes you happier. Not really! The release of endorphins (your body “feel a good” hormone) coupled with the increase of the blood moving through your brain raises your mood.

In summary

• Regular moderate exercise will benefit your health in many ways, physically and mentally.

• Exercise helps you reduce your risk of heart disease, cerebrovascular accident, hypertension and cancer.

• Exercise helps you prevent and control diabetes.

• Exercise helps you reduce your risk of bone and articular problems.

• Exercise helps you manage your weight.

• Exercise helps you feel happier.

• You must make at least 30 minutes of moderately moderate exercise each day

But everyone can say they exercise regularly – once every year, is not it? So that you can really do exercise, you should do daily exercise.

Benefits of daily exercise

To incorporate the recommended 30 minutes of exercise daily (children need at least one hour a day), you will probably have to give up a charge of your time.

Is not it just fantastic? You have returned from work every night and you have to make 30 minutes of sweating training, or you have to get up early to exercise. For most people, exercise is an extra accomfortant to an already hectic life.

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