Corporal massage has been used for centuries to obtain relief from evils and pain. The simple friction of the body parts to appease the inflamed muscles has become specialized skills, has increased considerably its reach and has become a major industry. The massage is used not only to relieve pain, but also to relax, cure wounds, cure stiffness of the joints, the problems of digestion processing, relieving stress and many other applications. The ancient art of massage is now helped with modern electric gadgets, soft music, controlled lighting.

Acupressure is a specialized massage branch. It works on certain principles. The first principle that governs acupressure is the belief that the whole body is a combined unit. The treatment is applied throughout the body because any disease will affect the whole body, not only the local area where the manifestation of the disease appears. In the common massage, the affected part is treated locally.

The second principle governing acupressure is that the main points of blood circulating in the blood, the network of nervous systems and glandular system are located on the palms and feet. Each body member has relative points on palms and feet and by treatment of these points that the particular organ is treated.

In our modern way of life, the lack of sufficient muscle activities gives rise to various physical problems. Unbalanced food and natural routine abuse of the body (like staying awake when you should sleep) Add to trouble. The muscles become weak. The bones begin to go from their places with the adoption of a defective posture. There is undesirable accumulation and a deposit of chemicals in the blood vessels, the joints and various parts of the body. As the affliction of body organs increases, the relatives on the palm and feet are also affected.

Points on palms and feet reflect the condition of their related organs. This makes acupressure a good diagnostic tool. Feeling palms and feet with soft pressure, it is possible to get a just idea of ​​sick pieces. If the pain is observed on any point, the part of the body linked to this point requires immediate attention.

The application of pressure on palms and feet has the effect of charging various parts of the body. When specific points are pressed, the nerves leading to the associated parts are actuated, which in turn stimulates these parts. As a result, blood flow and other body fluids improves food for these parts and clean waste more efficiently. All unwanted deposits begin to dissolve. The functions of the glands improve. There is a lot of rejuvenation in the body.

Acupressure has beneficial effects in the cure of many diseases. These diseases may include metabolic disorders, body deformation, tangible tissue inflammation, digestion problems, heart-related problems, and nervous system issues, to name a few.

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