Get regular acupressure facial care can do wonders to rejuvenate your complexion, reduce wrinkles and lines and toning the muscles. A natural lifting! Combined with soft massage techniques, it also feels great, is very relaxing and you can do it yourself!

The concept of acupression facial massage comes from traditional Chinese medicine. His taught that our body of background, or Chi, travels from canals or meridians. These meridians have specific models along the body. For optimal health, this energy must move smoothly and uniformly through the meridians. Its common to canals become soft or removed. This can create poor health and affect surface muscles and body tissues. The common way that is used to rebalance these meridians is acupuncture or acupressure.

Many of these meridians and their consequent acupressure points cover the neck and face. By gently stimulating the points along these meridians, you relax and choose the muscles, as well as bring fresh energy to surface tissues. Combined with massage, traffic is increased and the overall complexion is improved.

By giving you or giving you a facial acupressure massage, the points can be stimulated in different ways. You can touch or massage gently the points with small circular movements. It is nice to use a combination of variety. When you arrive in tight areas, such as along the jaw, you can gently hold these areas with your thumbs or fingers. Using acupressure in this way, holding a point for a minute or two, you will help him relax and let yourself go. By doing this, another zone of damaged or cluttered energy is released to flow in other areas more freely.

Knowing the details of where points and meridians can be helpful, but not always necessary. Generally, the main areas to be covered are as follows. Along the top and below the upper eye taken. Along the top and below the lower eyes sleeve. Start at the internal part of the eyes against the nose and work your way on the temples.along the chin and the jaw region. You can open and close your mouth to feel for the points of the jaw. If these areas are painful, spend time applying soft pressure with your thumbs or fingers to help them relax.

Being in the general area of ​​acupressure points is usually all that is needed. It’s easy to do on the face. The important thing is that you are gentle and repetitive. Spend a lot of time going to the areas. Combine this with general massage shots and your acupressure facial massage is complete. Allow you a little time every day for this relaxing self-treatment, or even better, go to a massage therapist for your treatments. Soon, you will notice your face and your health healthy and more radiant and more radiant!

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