October 2023


Diabetes is a perplexing puzzle and a complex health maze. Let us embark on a trip to comprehend the complexities of this condition, learning what diabetes is, how it manifests itself in various forms, and how to live a balanced, fulfilling life while coping with it. What Is Diabetes, Exactly? Diabetes is a chronic disease that impairs your body’s capacity to control blood sugar or glucose. This glucose is used as fuel by your body, and insulin, a hormone produced in your pancreas, is the key that allows glucose to enter your cells. When diabetes enters the scene, this system fails. The Different Types of Diabetes Diabetes Type 1: This is akin to a pancreatic surprise attack. Inadvertently, the immune system kills insulin-producing cells. Insulin injections or devices are required to regulate blood sugar levels in persons with Type 1 diabetes. Consider type 2 diabetes to be a nefarious intruder.…