July 2023


Sports are fun and a healthy way to stay physically fit. However, athletes are susceptible to many injuries; these can be acute or chronic and may range from sprains, dislocations, concussions, etc. Sports injuries are not limited to athletes but can happen to any active individual. When these happen, it’s advisable to seek prompt medical attention. Treatment depends on the type and extent of injury, and some may require help from an¬†orthopedic surgeon. Here are common sports injuries that you should know Bone fractures Bone fractures are common among individuals who participate in sports involving high-impact movements or contact. These may include minor stress fractures or more severe complete fractures. There are various types of bone fractures; these are; Stress fractures:Stress fractures are tiny cracks that result from repetitive stress. They are common among people who participate in sports like basketball and gymnastics. Closed fractures: In closed fractures, the bone…

Do you want to improve the look and feel of your skin? You are not alone, but when it comes to skin care, there are thousands of products available. How do you choose the best? To select a product that’s right for you, take a closer look at skin care product labels. You’ll likely see terms like “active ingredients” and “inactive ingredients,” but what do these terms really mean? What you need to know to choose skin care products? Read on for answers to these questions to help you make smarter skincare decisions. This infographic was created by SeSpring, cruelty free Korean skincare