October 2022


Our previous article covered how a balanced diet could save a person’s life so long as it is best suited to their lifestyle. Continuing on that point, people often need to tailor their diet depending on their different pastimes as well. One pastime that could be seen as unhealthy is online gaming, probably because of the sedentary lifestyle and how much time is spent sitting in front of a screen. Gamers often play for many hours at a time to try and win big prizes. For example, in eSports, The 2019 Fortnite World Cup Finals featured a prize pool of $30.4 million. In online poker – Phil Ivey won the 2021 WPT Heads Up Championship and $400,000 as the prize money. Can you imagine how long those players had to compete while sitting in their seats to get that prize? Even where there is no prize at stake, online gaming is…