April 2021


So many people live with a subtle and toxic level of depression transforming every aspect of their daily lives into shades of twisted gray. It becomes their way of being, making the excellent Excel difficult. They tend to draw negative attention and the cycle just builds to despair, followed by defeat.

We are all growth seeds and change to our core. According to Darwin, the best to survive the challenges of the world survive and multiply. The seed creation / creativity is our essence.

Each living organism creates waste. There is physical waste, emotional waste and spiritual waste. This waste comes into contact with our creativity seed and covers it in waste. If you turn off the waste by youselves and the others, you will come back to your creative seed, your essence.

If these negative waste is caught in our psychos, they can be misinterpreted as our essence, resulting in depression. By learning to clean ourselves exterior and interior rubbish, we will be about to return to our main state.

Here are some tips to help you overcome depression, despair and defeat:

Wash the waste. Water has incredible properties. Try to wash your hands in cold water after a particularly stimulating situation and say aloud your intention to be free of any negative energy. The worst that will happen is that you will have cold and clean hands.

Market. When the waste cover us, our essence becomes imprisoned in our own body. The first remedy is to walk. Walking without electronic is a transformation. This becomes meditative; It frees the body and allows the body’s chemicals to start transforming us into wells.

Looking at. As you start walking (preferably between trees), you will find that your mind begins by relaxing. Your list of races of trouble, fears and frustrations fades. The waste starts to blend up and you are ready to look around and looking for simple pleasures: a bird, a tree, leaves, an ant doing its job, a beautiful fragrance wafer with the breeze. When you start noticing these things, you will find a lighting smile your lips. Give him and let the feeling of this smile waft on you.

Smiling. When we are psychic of physical pain, we need all the positive energy we can collect. Smiling stimulates our brain reward mechanism. It is more effective than chocolate (and no calories). It can reduce the effect of stress that improves hormones such as cortisol, adrenaline and dopamine and increase the level of mood improving hormones, such as endorphins, while reducing blood pressure. Smile and if you do not feel like that, pretend! Pretty soon, it will be real.

While eating. Much of what we eat today has been created to facilitate storage and transportation. Back to a simple diet with fruits, vegetables and proteins used as a condiment will nourish your body and mind. Minimizing processed food will leave your body reconstituting with the best cells it can use.

While drinking. Water helps to get rid of waste in the body and allow our systems to operate effectively. Our cells need filling several times a day. Adding something to water makes it without water.

Portion. When you find yourself overwhelmed by the circumstances of life, go help someone else. Just focus on someone else get out of the spiral of your own problems. This reminds you that we are all connected and allow this cardiac connection.

To yourself. Nobody knows more clearly than you words that can push you into a descendant spiral and no one knows that the words that will leave your heart sing. Think about the most perfect words and actions to make you aware of, then tell them and do it as often as you can.
In conclusion: So many people see the world as a scary and dangerous place. I see the world as a collection of shells hide radiant and brilliant seeds filled with kindness and love. So, on my bad days, I remember the radiant light and I am

Does this story seem familiar to you?

You have obtained your Nutrition School Jazzed degree on the construction of your holistic nutrition practice. You thought to have all the parts in place for a successful nutrition company – the consulting program, the website, business cards, brochure and fire inside to broadcast your message on health and holistic nutrition. You do workshops, meet reference partners, launch events and coaching customers … you work your buttocks! And yet you are almost mowed.

I know your story, because I had the same experience!

Until one day, I realized … Why lose your precious time and your money build your practice using unproven strategies and tests and errors when it is possible to discover the Main mistakes – and the most effective strategies – of professional holistic nutrition professionals who have a career are already prosperrated?

I mean, how much money and time could you save if you could analyze, understand and model real and cost-effective global nutrition practices?

In this spirit, I interviewed ten best holistic nutrition pros to discover exactly how they built their careers in full swing. And I learned that there are three keys to success in holistic nutrition.

1. Passion

Most holistic nutritionists entered this career because they had a personal experience with nutrition that completely turned their own life. They have in-depth and burning conviction in the power of processing nutrition and a desire to help others experience this transformation.

2. Persistence

Would you believe that even Dawn Jackson Blagner, author of the most sold “Flexitarian Diet” and presents a nutritionist in televised magazines and programming throughout the country, has been returned to almost every job she had? Even this brilliant and gifted nutritionist, who made an indelible brand on the industry, had to push 3 times “No”.

Kathie SWIFT, Mr. Mark Hyman’s nutritionist in “ultrametabolism” had to spend years convincing the best doctors on the benefits of nutrition and functional medicine before creating nutrition and world-renowned medical programs. and Ranch canyon resorts.

These pioneering holistic nutritionists had a passion for driving for their work and they just did not take “no” for an answer!

3. Passive income

There is no doubt about it – the most successful holistic nutritionists are able to go beyond the traditional model to see individual customers and be paid on time. These advantages of advance nutrition know exactly how to pack, prices and market their services, so that they have products and services that are virtually selling themselves when they are asleep, at the gym or on vacation at the beach!

By taking advantage of this type of passive income flow, the main benefits of holistic nutrition have been able to easily explode their practices in the six-digit bar and beyond.

So, what is the study and modeling of careers of successful holistic nutrition professionals for you?

If you are someone with a passion for nutrition, who wants to turn this passion into a career …

This means that it is possible to earn a lot of life while you like to do, instead of going to a job every day that drains you.

If you are a holistic nutrition practicing, but you do not get enough customers or earn enough money …

It means the difference between getting two clients this month and get ten customers this month.

What are the components of good life?

o Priority should be: good health, peace of mind, love and money.

o It is obvious that life has a greater spiritual dimension if you agree with the priorities above.

o Good life is impossible without good health.

There are fake popular ideas about good health:

o Your body has more healing power than you know. It can often be resolved. Otherwise, you are a dead person already given to all the diseases.

o Good health Never needs expensive or stressful maintenance, unless you have already contracted or inherited a serious illness.

o Good health does not mean having the best doctors and the best cure, although it is a good luxury.

What should your approach be?

o Take a holistic approach, because most things are connected.

o Be responsible for your actions, but avoid being too hard on yourself.

o Practice a moderate lifestyle and avoid extremes.

o It is not fun to follow expensive or complex rules for health maintenance. The stress imposed on you will overtake the advantages. Just stay natural and use your common sense.

o Try to simplify your life as much as possible.

o Do not live in the fear of terrible diseases. When it’s your time to discover, even the best doctors can not avoid you. So relax.

o Life concerns happiness, not how much time or how much money you do.

o Keep your health so that you do not have to depend on others to take care of you.

How do you measure good health?

o Health is a natural process unless you do it otherwise.

o Your life cycle reaches its peak at 40 years and gradually decreases thereafter, depending on how you maintain it.

o Health has its small and low daily, weekly and monthly. These are temporary fluctuations that do not reflect your global health situation.

o Good health does not mean the absence of pain or other nuisances because they are only part of life.

o Good health means that useful times are much more than lower times.

o This means easy recovery from temporary time.

o This means that you can make constant improvements, durable stability, or even managing slow degeneration.

The advantage of regular exercise is present in several folds; Exercise makes you healthier, happier and capable of handling your weight.

The moderate regular exercise makes you more fit, so you are stronger, leaner and more durable. If you have already wanted your body to be good, you see abdominals, a regular exercise program is only what you need.

Exercise reduces your risk of heart disease, stroke, arterial hypertension and certain cancers. Exercise often reduces and often prevents the development of diabetes.

Another key advantage of regular exercise, associated with healthy diet, can help you better manage your weight. A strong dose of will is often necessary to change bad habits; But after taking the first step, your weight management is much easier. All you need is a little guidance.

Exercise makes you happier. Not really! The release of endorphins (your body “feel a good” hormone) coupled with the increase of the blood moving through your brain raises your mood.

In summary

• Regular moderate exercise will benefit your health in many ways, physically and mentally.

• Exercise helps you reduce your risk of heart disease, cerebrovascular accident, hypertension and cancer.

• Exercise helps you prevent and control diabetes.

• Exercise helps you reduce your risk of bone and articular problems.

• Exercise helps you manage your weight.

• Exercise helps you feel happier.

• You must make at least 30 minutes of moderately moderate exercise each day

But everyone can say they exercise regularly – once every year, is not it? So that you can really do exercise, you should do daily exercise.

Benefits of daily exercise

To incorporate the recommended 30 minutes of exercise daily (children need at least one hour a day), you will probably have to give up a charge of your time.

Is not it just fantastic? You have returned from work every night and you have to make 30 minutes of sweating training, or you have to get up early to exercise. For most people, exercise is an extra accomfortant to an already hectic life.

Corporal massage has been used for centuries to obtain relief from evils and pain. The simple friction of the body parts to appease the inflamed muscles has become specialized skills, has increased considerably its reach and has become a major industry. The massage is used not only to relieve pain, but also to relax, cure wounds, cure stiffness of the joints, the problems of digestion processing, relieving stress and many other applications. The ancient art of massage is now helped with modern electric gadgets, soft music, controlled lighting.

Acupressure is a specialized massage branch. It works on certain principles. The first principle that governs acupressure is the belief that the whole body is a combined unit. The treatment is applied throughout the body because any disease will affect the whole body, not only the local area where the manifestation of the disease appears. In the common massage, the affected part is treated locally.

The second principle governing acupressure is that the main points of blood circulating in the blood, the network of nervous systems and glandular system are located on the palms and feet. Each body member has relative points on palms and feet and by treatment of these points that the particular organ is treated.

In our modern way of life, the lack of sufficient muscle activities gives rise to various physical problems. Unbalanced food and natural routine abuse of the body (like staying awake when you should sleep) Add to trouble. The muscles become weak. The bones begin to go from their places with the adoption of a defective posture. There is undesirable accumulation and a deposit of chemicals in the blood vessels, the joints and various parts of the body. As the affliction of body organs increases, the relatives on the palm and feet are also affected.

Points on palms and feet reflect the condition of their related organs. This makes acupressure a good diagnostic tool. Feeling palms and feet with soft pressure, it is possible to get a just idea of ​​sick pieces. If the pain is observed on any point, the part of the body linked to this point requires immediate attention.

The application of pressure on palms and feet has the effect of charging various parts of the body. When specific points are pressed, the nerves leading to the associated parts are actuated, which in turn stimulates these parts. As a result, blood flow and other body fluids improves food for these parts and clean waste more efficiently. All unwanted deposits begin to dissolve. The functions of the glands improve. There is a lot of rejuvenation in the body.

Acupressure has beneficial effects in the cure of many diseases. These diseases may include metabolic disorders, body deformation, tangible tissue inflammation, digestion problems, heart-related problems, and nervous system issues, to name a few.